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Bits and Bytes about Kokum Butter

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 In our blog we will share valuable information about skincare and nature’s gifts that can be used to enhance the skin and its health.  This week, we will look at nature’s gift of Kokum butter.  Kokum butter is a hard butter that contains 33 to 44 percent oil and remains solid at room temperature.  

 It is slightly harder than Cocoa butter and is very versatile in making skincare products when blended with other butters.  We use Kokum butter in our skin creams, in combination with Shea butter and other skin loving oils.  Kokum butter is reputed to lend moisture and rejuvenation to the skin and is highly recommended for persons with sensitive skin.

Unlike most skin butters, Kokum butter is not heavy and oily.  It is a light butter with no fragrance.  It is used in some cultures to aid in rejuvenating damaged skin cells, allowing for the diminishing of wrinkles, spots and fine lines. Rejuvenation is essential for those suffering from skin conditions such as Eczema and Psoriasis, as it aids in relieving the inflammation associated with these conditions.

We have enjoyed using Kokum butter in our products over the years and our customers have always loved using the products created with it.  We hope you will enjoy these products as well.


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