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Often in life, opportunity comes in the form of challenges. Our determination to stand tall and crack these challenges would bring happiness to our lives, families and the world at large.

Hey there, welcome to a world where radiance is created through quality soap and body care products; welcome to Irie Soaps (pronounced eye-ree), a brand born on the cradle of creating quality solutions for better skin. Irie Soaps is a brand with a dogged determination to adorn every human with the effervescence they genuinely desire. We do this by creating quality products that suit your skin even without compromising affordability.

Our journey to creating solutions for stunning and ever glowing skin came to life after my older son was diagnosed with eczema, which primarily affected his hands. His situation left us trying pharmaceutical creams, lotions, body washes and over the counter balms, which most times were expensive and contained chemicals that might be harmful to the human skin. Over time, I realized that the best treatment for his situation would be to develop a skincare line that cared explicitly for very sensitive skin, as all other avenues of finding solutions proved abortive. Through this means I would be saving him and many others from the ordeals of irritated skin.

Through dedication, constant testing and an unrelenting drive to find a solution, Irie Soaps has become a handmade soap and body care brand intent on catering to individuals with super sensitive skin. Our products are manufactured with the best ingredients which are safe on the skin. The Nourishing Skin Cream that was first created proved to be very effective at controlling our son’s eczema and keeping his sensitive skin moisturized all day long.

Here at Irie Soaps, we are a consumer-oriented, solution-driven skincare brand with a knack for innovation. We do not believe in the one size fits all mentality and therefore, we produce an array of products with combinations from which you can give your skin the radiance you deserve.

      The word "Irie"

Irie isn’t just another random word. It’s a word with genuine meaning from my Jamaican roots. It means “powerful and pleasing”. This reflects the quality of products we offer our clientele.

If our style is in line with your needs, kindly get in touch with us via the email, face book, or instagram address attached to this page, and we promise to be of service to you today  and always better than we were yesterday.

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