FaQs. General Information

What ingredients are in your soap?

We use only the finest natural oils and butters and additives, as well as essential oils and fragrances in our soaps. We also use naturally occurring minerals and clays to color our soaps. Our suppliers are trusted and reputable and are used by many other soapmakers

Are the fragrances in your soaps phthalate free?

Yes. All fragrances used in our soaps are either naturally derived or phthalate free. We also do not use any fragrance that contains Benzophenones, which are known carcinogenics. In addition, all the fragrances we use are certified safe to use on in soaps and on skin.

Do you test your products on animals?

No. We absolutely do not test our products on animals.

Are your products safe to use on sensitive skin?

Yes. Our products do not contain any harsh chemicals or chemical by-products that would irritate your skin. We do however caution those who have an allergy to essential oils, oatmeal, nuts or botanically derived ingredients to read the ingredients carefully before using.

Why do you use preservatives?

We use preservatives in any product that is water-based, or has the potential for bacterial growth. We clearly understand the issues around preservatives and use the healthiest options we can find while maintaining product integrity and safety. Besides product lifespan, preservatives prevent the growth of harmful bacteria (such as staph) from growing in your products. We do not wish for any of our customers to use harmful substances on their skin

Are your soaps drying to the skin?

Our soaps are not drying to the skin as they contain natural glycerin, a by-product of the soap making process. In addition, some of our soaps are also superfatted, meaning that they contain extra moisture added to survive the saponification process to impart moisture when used.

Are your products "all natural"?

As far as is possible we try to source and utilize natural ingredients for our products. With this in mind, our products range from 100% natural to about 97% natural. There are certain fragrances which are synthetic and we use some preservatives and colorants. If you have questions on natural levels of a certain product, please ask and we will be more than happy to answer your questions

Who do you ship with?

We ship with Priority mail throughout the United States Postal service. Shipping rate is calculated based upon shipping zip code and total weight. We typically ship orders between Monday to Fridays for delivery between 3-5 business days after your order is placed and processed.

Can i return my product?

Due to the personal nature of handmade soap and for hygiene reasons, Irie Soaps regrets that we cannot accept returns on any orders. Please choose carefully, and if you have not tried handmade soaps or products before, we recommend a small order to begin with to ensure you are happy with our soaps and products.

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